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Special Programs - Fall 2012 


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U.S. Elections in the Spotlight - TV Debates on Panel

October 25, 5 pm

Our election experts analyze and discuss                        
the TV debates of the presidential elections of 2012

Max Maodush-Pitzer an American Student at the
University of Debrecen discusses with our audience
how American students see the presidential elections of 2012

Panel discussion guest speakers
- Dr. Tibor Glant, head of the North American Department,
University of Debrecen

- Prof. Donald Morse, Professor Emeritus
at the University of Debrecen

- Prof. A. J. Timothy Jull, Fulbright grantee and
Visiting Professor at MTA ATOMKI


Bloomington Experience
September 13, 6 pm

A personal account about a one-term study exchange program at Indiana University by Zoltán Tőzsér.